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Now Is The Time To Invest In A Good Watch: Best Value Watches From Baselworld 2018

Now’s the time to invest in a good watch: The best value watches at Baselworld 2018 In addition to some must-have glamor pieces, the focus of this year’s Baselworld, which ends on Thursday, is all about stuff Value for money. Important product line extensions, including high-value materials, improved movements and more features, are prioritized over the launch of new series or high complications, and in most cases these improvements are made without increasing price. Most importantly, now is a great time to buy a good watch. The reason why watch brands are so generous has to do with supply and demand. After two years of sluggishness in Swiss watch exports (the slump in the United States continues even as most other markets are recovering) and a significant downsizing of Baselworld, watch companies are reining in production and optimizing existing collections, Rather than launching new products. Here are five top-notch mechanical watches launched at Baselworld last week that represent outstanding value. With the exception of the TAG Heuer Tourbillon (which is cheap for its class), they all cost under $5,000. This watch is cheaper in the replica watch market and you get the same quality.

TAG Heuer Tête de Vipère Chronograph Tourbillon Chronometer. A chronometer-rated tourbillon is no small thing, combining a high complications with the highest accuracy rating. It is the first TAG Heuer watch to receive the prestigious Besançon Obervatory Tête de Vipère (Viper’s Head) stamp of approval, which means it passed a 16-day accuracy test in five positions at three different temperatures with flying colors. And here’s the best part: most tourbillons carry six-figure price tags. This one is priced at $20,400. Both case and bezel are ceramic.

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