Super Clone TAG Heuer Autavia Jack Heuer Limited Edition Watch

The replica TAG Heuer Autavia “reissue” that debuted this year has been very successful, and now a limited edition version is being released to celebrate Jack Heuer’s 85th birthday. TAG Heuer has been eager to highlight the legacy of Mr. Jack Heuer, and for good reason. The charismatic former leader of TAG Heuer is also a member of the original Heuer family that founded the brand. In the 1960s, he famously introduced the popular Carrera collection and the first wristwatch version of the Autavia.

According to TAG Heuer, in 1933 (a year after Jack Heuer was born), the Heuer company coined the name “Autavia,” which combines the words “automotive” and “aviation.” The idea was to create a timepiece suitable for both fields. It wasn’t until around 30 years later, in 1962, that the Autavia name was given to a wristwatch, which Jack Heuer says was the first watch he designed at the company. Jack also suggests that this limited edition of the modern Autavia Heuer 02 might be the last watch he has a hand in creating, although I suspect we may still see occasional Jack Heuer limited editions as long as he is around (and may he live well past 85 years old).

I recently reviewed the replica TAG Heuer Autavia Calibre Heuer 02 watch on aBlogtoWatch. The limited edition Jack Heuer version is similar but with a few key differences besides the obvious dial colors. These differences can be subtle if you’re not familiar with them. Unlike the non-limited edition reference CBE2110.FC8226 version of the Autavia Heuer 02, this reference CBE 2111.BA0687 Jack Heuer version is limited to 1,932 pieces, in honor of Jack’s birth year. The watch is set to be released around Jack’s 85th birthday on November 17th.

For those interested in this watch, I recommend checking out my previous review linked above. Most of what I said about the non-limited edition applies to this limited edition model, including the caliber Heuer 02 in-house automatic chronograph movement, vintage aesthetics, and overall good value.

The main difference in the Jack Heuer Autavia compared to the other model is the dial color, which in this case is silver with black sub-dials. While I only have the brand’s images for this article, I have worn this watch a few times and can confirm its appeal. One thing to note is that despite how the images may show the hands, the dial is just as legible as the black-dialed Autavia, if my memory serves me right.

The silver dial contrasts beautifully with the black sub-dials, creating a classic panda-dial look that I find very attractive. In my opinion, it actually surpasses the non-limited edition Autavia in attractiveness, although both are undeniably good-looking watches.

Another difference in the limited edition is the numeral scale design on the bi-directional rotating bezel. The non-limited edition Autavia has a 12-hour scale on the bezel, while the Jack Heuer model features a more traditional 60-minute counter. Both versions have a black anodized aluminum bezel insert. Personally, I think a ceramic bezel insert would make the Autavia even better. Choosing between the two bezels is a matter of personal preference. The 12-hour scale is more elegant with fewer markers, whereas the 60-minute counter is more common and arguably more useful as a timing device, though it is busier with more markers. Ultimately, neither bezel choice is superior; they are simply different.

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