TAG Heuer Carrera Skipper

True to TAG Heuer’s rich nautical heritage, the latest Skipper draws inspiration from the recently launched “glass box” Carrera. This design lays an ideal foundation for creating a nautical watch that seamlessly integrates aesthetics and functionality. The SB factory is also rushing to create a replica of this watch. The replica TAG Heuer Skipper will use the same process as the original. and imitation movements of the same height.

The Skipper benefits from the Carrera’s unique features, including a bezel-less design, glass that extends all the way to the edge of the case, a clever “curved flange” dial, and carefully positioned chronograph subdials. This combination ensures excellent readability in all conditions, a crucial moment in the ‘pre-start’ phase of a regatta before the starting gun sounds, when the boat is rocking on the water. Attributes.

The new Skipper also inherits the Carrera’s sturdy yet elegant 39mm diameter case, is powered by the latest bi-directional winding TH20-06 movement, an impressive 80-hour power reserve and, of course, a high-quality, durable fabric strap. While the 21st century Skipper watch incorporates cutting-edge technology, its unique and unmistakable appearance pays homage to the original model, born from Jack Heuer’s deep involvement in the world’s most iconic sailing event, the America’s Cup.

The modern Skipper embraces its distinct and vibrant design, featuring a circular brushed main dial in Carrera’s signature blue – a shade originally inspired by the sea. This blue dial is complemented by highly contrasting sub-dials, with the 12-hour counter in an ‘Intrepid Teal’ hue and the 15-minute regatta counter displaying segments in ‘Intrepid Teal,’ ‘Lagoon Green,’ and ‘Regatta Orange.’ Retaining elements from the historical timepiece, you’ll find prominent triangular markers positioned at five-minute intervals around the curved flange, a vibrant orange central seconds hand, and the inclusion of the ‘Skipper’ name at the base of the 12-hour counter.

The Skipper garnered renewed interest in 2017 when TAG Heuer collaborated with the specialized website Hodinkee to create a limited run of just 125 watches paying homage to the 1968 model. Consequently, collectors began to seek out original Skipper models, with some fetching prices as high as $80,000 at auctions.

With its release in July as part of the core collection, the new Carrera Skipper is set to be much more accessible to enthusiasts. It will serve as the flagship for a series of upcoming maritime timepieces, marking TAG Heuer’s return to the world of yachts and yachting.

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