XF Factory Replica Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 Meteorite-Style Dial with Asia Clone 1887 Movement

Which Tag Heuer replica watches do you offer? Is it the Carrera Calibre 1887 with A7750 or the Aquaracer with the original Swiss movement? While Tag Heuer replica watches may not enjoy the same popularity as Rolex, they possess a distinct advantage. Namely, it’s relatively easy to find Tag Heuer replica watches equipped with original Swiss movements, eliminating the need for an additional fee associated with Swiss movements. This affordability makes Tag Heuer replicas accessible to a broader audience. I hadn’t paid much attention to Tag Heuer replicas in our market previously, but following the positive response to my recent introduction of Tag Heuer replicas featuring original Swiss movements, I’ve noticed a growing interest among readers. Consequently, I plan to showcase more Tag Heuer watches in the future, including the commendable Tag Heuer Formula 1 replicas with original Swiss quartz movements.

XF is responsible for crafting this replica Tag Heuer Carrera, and the peculiar nature of this factory is noteworthy. While XF may not produce a vast array of replicas, the few they have created are consistently of high quality. Examples include the discontinued PAM 127 and the extra-thin AP 15202. There has been speculation about a potential connection between XF and V6F. Some even suggest that XF might be a smaller branch or subsidiary of the V6 factory. However, conclusive evidence supporting such a connection has yet to be found.

The Tag Heuer replica from XF exhibits a distinctive aesthetic, resembling a gray rock and may be perceived as unattractive, particularly with its subdued Meteorite-style dial. The watch features a predominant color scheme of gray and black, an expected characteristic for a special edition model. Constructed with 316L stainless steel, the case undergoes PVD processing on the surface, and the black bezel is crafted from ceramic. The watch’s dimensions are sizable, boasting a 45mm diameter, excluding the crown and chronograph buttons. Given the dull gray appearance, especially when compared to the Carrera from the V6 factory, I find it unappealing and would hesitate to make a purchase.

Examine its dial, which is entirely rendered in gray. Notably, the small dial at 9 o’clock appears flat, in contrast to the other two recessed subdials. The overall appearance of the Tag Heuer Carrera’s dial might be perceived as somewhat compact, potentially due to the expansive subdials and broad hour markers, creating a sense of crowding. Upon comparing it with authentic counterparts through photos, I observed that the positioning of the TAG HEUER logo on the replica is inaccurate. Additionally, the date window features a wide silver frame that occupies a considerable portion of the dial. In summary, I am not fond of the dial design of this particular Carrera watch.

The strap is crafted from black rubber, and aside from the black ceramic bezel, it is the sole feature of this watch that I find appealing. The rubber band is designed with numerous perforations at the connecting points to the case, imparting a sporty aesthetic to the timepiece. Reflecting on the watch as a whole, I believe that if Tag Heuer were to incorporate a black dial and incorporate meteorite-style subdials at 6 and 12, there would likely be a broader appeal, attracting more potential buyers.

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